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What is the means of Peter's creation.

Added: (Sun Mar 31 2019)

Pressbox (Press Release) - In the artist statement, Opheim wrote:

Languishing in remembrances.
Distracted with forgiveness.
The temptation to allow everything to be ok.
The banishment of the alienation of regret.
Understanding one’s own literature of frivolity.

Small creatures gain a new life through the artist's imagination, but they can't be excused from being separated from the release of new works. In the eyes of Opheim, he saw these “figures” portrayed as companions on the road, like encountered in a city, and then separated at the next stop.

Anne is the most iconic painting at 2019 Peter Opheim’s solo exhibition in Taiwan.

There are many different colors. Unlike other works, this painting has many flowers.

Is the character in the painting a teenage girl or an older person? Opheim did not explicitly depict the age, but let the viewers create their stories.

Some people like the eyes painted by Opheim. The deep blue eyes which have a lot of unpredictability and a thoughtful expression.

The cold colors of her main body have brought out the attention of the warm colors. It leads our focus to the pink, which is on her nails and the flowers. The Pink colors dominate the image of this painting. Therefore, what is the audience's association with the color pink is important? Is it joy, distraction or feminine. (Cherry, 2019)

The graphics painting presents a considerable three-dimensional effect.

“Peter Opheim hopes us to jump out of the frame and not rely on the answers given by others, but to get used to imagining on our own. Therefore, is it human, animal or a kind of elf? We can find our own conclusions.”

Him Her - Peter Opheim Solo Exhibition
Duration | 3.9 – 4.7.2019 (10:00-19:00 Tue-Sun)


Cherry, K. (2019). The Color Psychology of Pink. Verywellmind.

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