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China Emergency Light Manufacturers - Commercial Buildings Must Have Emergency Lighting!

Added: (Sat Mar 09 2019)

Pressbox (Press Release) - China Emergency Light Manufacturers : You last sat in the cinema, you may have noticed the exit sign illuminated in the dark. According to OSHA regulations, commercial buildings must have an emergency lighting system to be considered safe and compliant. The occupants of your commercial building must be able to find an exit in an emergency, which is why it is important for a fire company to install and test your emergency lighting.

Safe and timely evacuation

When the fire alarm system is turned off, the first thing people do is to look for an emergency exit. The faster people can see the exit, the faster they can evacuate. In the event of a fire, it is important that people have the opportunity to evacuate the building before inhaling too much smoke or spreading the fire. To ensure the safety of your building to the occupants, you need to make sure your emergency lights are always working.

OSHA regulations

OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) is responsible for regulating emergency lights and other fire protection systems to ensure the safety of commercial buildings. To ensure your building is safe and compliant, you need to comply with OSHA regulations. We recommend that you contact your fire contractor to inspect or install a new emergency exit light.

Stairwell stays bright

If power disappears, you don't want people to be trapped in the stairwell. Stairwells are particularly dangerous during power outages because people are more likely to stumble or fall down the stairs. The best way to keep people safe during a power outage is to install an emergency exit sign. These exit signs are designed to remain illuminated during a power outage so that people can safely evacuate in an emergency.

People are more calm in an emergency

In an emergency, people want to know how they can keep themselves safe. When emergency lighting is installed in corridors and stairwells, people know where they need to go. If you own a store or similar commercial building, you need to be aware that the occupants of many of your buildings will be unfamiliar with the layout. Being in an unfamiliar place in an emergency is disturbing, but when you can clearly see the exit it is not so terrible.

First responders can do their job

In the event of a fire, an emergency exit sign can help firefighters pass through your building. First aid personnel are not familiar with the layout of commercial buildings, especially when they first see smoke. Fortunately, the ignited exit sign passes through the darkness and smoke, so firefighters can do their job. Search and rescue teams also need to be able to clearly see emergency exits if they want to enter your building to find survivors.


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