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Emotions Recognition by Xeoma video surveillance software helps companies raise profits

Added: (Tue Jun 11 2019)

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Xeoma video surveillance software has long acquired a worldwide status of a bestseller that makes security available to everyone, with both its affordable prices and intuitive user-friendly visual interface.

Besides, Xeoma has been recently complemented with new smart modules that utilize the best of artificial intelligence technologies. A bright example is the Emotions Recognition that can find human faces in camera's field of view, recognize 7 basic facial expressions (happiness, surprise, anger, fear, sadness, disgust, neutrality) in them and determine the dominating one.

The module can detect the slightest changes in facial expressions as fast as no human observers can, thus allowing to react to a security threat or a sales chance in split second.

In businesses, customers' satisfaction level is what can make you a bankrupt or a millionaire. Happy customers tend to spend more. Emotions Recognition can detect the not-so-happy customers and let you turn them into happy ones. With it, you'll be able to see what merchandise placement causes the most positive reaction and use it in your promo strategies. See how the customers react to this or that product or service, dynamically offer them what they might be inclined to buy at this very moment in this mood.

You can also increase work productivity by making sure that the environment in your company is friendly and healthy.

In policing and safe city surveillance, Emotions Recognition helps predict and prevent malicious behavior and crimes: faces with dominant Anger or Fear emotions can serve as an indicator of an uproar, a riot or a fight.

Coupled with other features in video surveillance software like Xeoma, Emotions Recognition can help address even more challenges of production automation, security and profit earning:

* Face Comparison compares a person in camera image with the photo of an access card holder. This advanced access control system is used anywhere where personal ID passes are issued: university campuses, entry to restricted sites, etc.

* Object Detection, Tracking and Classification makes the camera follow a moving object in camera image and only react to a certain type of object (vehicle, animals, birds, people), ignoring all others.

* License Plates Recognition will help you automate entry to premises based on license plate reading. In city surveillance, it can be used for hunting down a certain vehicle or monitoring traffic violations.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Contemporary video surveillance software Xeoma has much more: detection of abandoned/missing items, loitering, system health issues, visitors counter, heat map, floor plans, building your own cloud service and more.

Free rebranding will help large companies keep their brand style and feel. For system integrators, Xeoma video surveillance software offers profitable partnership conditions. Learn more at http://felenasoft.com/

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