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Raw to Go hits the U.K. market Lucky & Prince

Added: (Fri May 03 2019)

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We are starting a very exciting new venture and wanted to tell you all about it in case it would be of any interest to you.
This new venture is called Lucky & Prince. It’s a revolution in dog food straight from the heart of Bavaria to Bowl using only the freshest like “Barf to Go” / “Raw to Go”, premium ingredients in a clever new packaging that is good for the environment.
Have a great day.

We look forward hearing from you.
Have a great start in the week.
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Philipp Staudacher

Lucky & Prince

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‘Eco-friendly’ dog food hits the UK market
Lucky & Prince has unveiled a new range of ‘eco-friendly’ human grade meat products for dogs.
The “Raw to Go” range is said to offer the best alternative to raw feeding and support healthy dog growth and development at competitive pricing.

‘Eco-friendly’ dog food hits UK market

Lucky & Prince has unveiled a new range of ‘eco-friendly’ human-grade meat products for dogs.

It includes Poultry with Carrots and Potatoes, Lamb with Carrots and Potatoes, Apples and Cottage Cheese, Beef with Potatoes and Venison with Zucchini.

Founder and owner Philipp Staudacher said: “My best friend and partner in crime breeds British bulldogs, who are known for their delicate digestion and fragile health. He complained that he did not have access to nutritious food on the go when he was taking his dogs to shows. So we did our research. We wanted wholesome, nutritious and clean fuss free dog food with as little packaging as possible…

“We worked on the recipe with a dog nutritionist, the dog producer and developed the sausage to do away with cans and any trace of tinny flavour in our food…

“All of our ingredients are ethically and locally sourced to avoid long transportation.”
Philipp said the name Lucky & Prince was inspired by the names of two of the bulldogs bred by his friend.

All Lucky & Prince products are made in Bavaria, Germany.

Our values are:
NATURAL- NO NASTIES Natural and species appropriate food
• 100 % natural ingredients in food-grade quality
• No antioxidants, sugar and chemical binders
• No fillers
• Without pre-treated raw materials, No industrial or feed grains
• No colouring, flavouring and preservatives
• 70% protein based
• German quality and high end ingredients including superfoods
• Only the freshest meat sourced from local farms, no freezing or long term storage
• Short production to delivery timeline
• 100% Natural Ingredients
• 100% Human Food Grade Quality
Ecologically packaged (we say NO to cans) ecological packed in a specially developed 7-layer synthetic casing (kunstdarm) – NO more unhygienic packaging waste is an issue for our customer
• Locally sourced from farms farm sourced directly from small regional slaughterhouses, game and poultry farms
• Made with love by a family owned dog lover established for 30 years in producing quality food
My dog licked the bowl clean! I tried out the poultry with carrots and rice flavour.
The food is harder to ‘mush up’ then standard wet food, but is understandable due to it being ‘real food’. When it came to eating, the dog took a little longer to finish, which is a good thing for my dog as he won’t normally chew standard wet food due to it being mostly jelly.
He really made sure his bowl was sparkling clean after his food and had no complaints at all! The food is reasonably priced, easy stored and I would recommend it to fellow dog owners.
Website: LuckyAndPrince.com

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