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12th IBA International Conference on 15th & 16th March

Added: (Sat Feb 16 2019)

Pressbox (Press Release) - Bengaluru, Feb, 2018: Indus Business Academy (IBA), Bengaluru is organizing the 12th edition of its annual internation conference on 15th and 16th March at the IBA campus. The conference theme this year is “Corportate, Spiritual and Social Responsibility - Redefining Human Society and Corpo-rate Relationship”.

In the conference, delegates would like to explore the vision and practice of corporate spiritual re-sponsibility (including ecological, ethical and moral responsibility) which can help us transform existing conceptions and practices of corporations. It explores the frames and ways of responsibility which goes beyond existing polarities such as state and market, market and NGOs and lead to clos-er interactions among actors leading to transformation towards a holistic vision of development. It also explores how corporate spiritual responsibility can transform the existing discourse of corpo-rate social responsibility. In our conference, we also explore cases of corporations and service de-livery groups which follow a spiritual approach to self, society, market by pointing to the need for cultivating the dimension of love, care and responsibility—our potential real higher self—and not just be a slave of narrow self-interest.

Corporate spiritual responsibility strives to rethink corporations and individuals as part of an ecolo-gy of relationships inhabited by human, social, Nature and the Divine—all understood in a very broad sense and not in a narrow, dogmatic way. We also want to specifically focus on how corpora-tions should address themselves to the spiritual challenges of their own employees, society and humanity. Many of the employees of corporations are going through pain, stress, burnout and lack and crisis of meaning. Existing counselling and therapy programs are inadequate to address these problems. Corporations must put their own houses in order by transforming them into ecologies of well-being and creativity and not just money-making machines. In essence they should contribute towards realization of the vision of integral and holistic development the human society.

Conference Tracks

Papers from delegates are invited along the following tracks:

1. A New Vision of Human, Society and Corporations: Towards Integral & Holistic Development
2. The Vision and Practice of Corporate Spiritual Responsibility
3. New Vision for Infrastructure
4. The Existing Discourse and Practice of Corporate Social Responsibility
5. Case Studies of Effective Approaches to CSR
6. Inter-linkages between Corporate Moral Responsibility, Corporate Ethical Responsibility, Cor-porate Ecological Responsibility and its Spiritual Dimension
7. Corporate Spiritual Responsibility and Rethinking Self, Market, Corporation, State and Society
8. Human Quality Development (HQD) and Human Development and the Corporations
9. Rethinking Leadership in the context of CSSR: The Vision and Practice of ‘Atmic Viswa’ (Soul Planetary) Leadership
10. Holistic Approach to Performance Evaluation: Towards Holistic Performance Scorecard
11. Leadership, Accountability, Internal and External Control Systems
12. Corporate Governance, Industrial Relations and Employee Consequences
13. Transaction Costs, Assembly Lines, Race to Zero Price, Relocating Production Lines and Socie-tal Implications
14. Consumerism, Sustainable Development, Environmental Issues, Externalities and Customer Consequences
15. Anti-Corporate Activism, Human Rights and Socio-Political Imbalances
16. Firm Investment Decisions, Functional Area Implications, and Stakeholder Management
17. Contemporary Debate on Theories of Corporation
18. Aligning B-School Curriculum towards Corporate Spiritual Responsibility
19. Corporate Social Dharma, Co-Responsibilities and Co-Relationships

Important Dates

Last date for submission of abstract: February 25 2019
Last date for submission of full papers: March 10 2019
Last date for registration for the conference(Early Bird): March 10 2019

To know more about registering for the conference or submitting papers please visit:

About IBA, Bengaluru

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