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Optometry Billing Services Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends

Added: (Fri Nov 30 2018)

Pressbox (Press Release) - Let your eyes see the transparency in our billing:
Eyes are the sensory receptors which help people to see with 576 megapixels. There are lots of nerves connecting with eyes to make our eyes visible. When a single nerve or blood vein is getting affected then there are more chances to get irritation with eyes and many issues regarding eyes. When the Optometry Billing Services are best then there are chances for your medical care industry to grow big and get many branches.
There are so many eye related problems happening in current days, each of them have to be sorted out to make it as perfect billing. If the bill goes wrong then it may create bad impression on your medical care industry or create a bad mouth marketing to reduce your services. So why you are risking your health care industry with a simple but complicated sector of billing. Outsource your billing to us and we will take care that no mistakes happen to it.

Top levels of coding:
The chances for mistakes in Optometry are wrong codings and no codings for certain sickness. But our services have implemented ICD-10 codings which has got all brand new ideas for making the billing so simple and easy. When it comes to simple and easy coding here are some examples of our coding which is being used in our software.

Code Zุ1.ุุ:
This code is for any examination of eyes without any abnormalities in eyes and vision. This is for general eye checkup.
Code Zุ1.ุ1:
This code is for checking up with abnormal findings in eyes.
Code 367.1:
This code is for myopia in any one of the eyes which is not specified in documentation.
Code H52.11:
This code is for myopia of right eye.
Code H52.12:
This code is designed for myopia of left eye.
Code 367.4:
This code is for diagnosing presbyopia in eyes.
• These are just some of the codings which are implemented in our ICD-10 codings
• They are very easy to calculate bills without any stress levels
• There are no chances for these coding giving wrong calculations and wrong bills
• All the bills which are calculated based on this coding will be accurate and flawless
• Many of our present clients are using this billing technology
They are quite happy because of no more errors in their billing services. More clarity is provided from our service team than any others in the market.
There are multiple reasons which are available for making a claim go wrong or billing statements get confused but we have found solutions for all such things and have come up with various good standards of billing. Some of the issues are explained with our innovative solutions.

Improper services:
A patient goes for medical checkup and all the details are entered in the reimbursement by online mode and when there are some wrong codings in online claims. Insurance providers simply reject those claims without any explanation
For this we have solution to update claims with proper codings and better software. Likewise our billing services are getting benefited by many medical industries join hands with us to get improvised.

Why choose our services?
Right codes for apt bills
• Customized solutions
• 42 fields of speciality
• 10 years of experience
• Life time help support
• Focus on quality
• Provide only valued software
• Increases revenue
These are just some of the reasons for choosing our medical billing service as better one.

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About 247 Medical Billing Services:
We are a medical billing company that offers ‘24/7 Medical Billing Services’ and support physicians, hospitals, medical institutions and group practices with our end to end medical billing solutions. We help you earn more revenue with our quick and affordable services. Our customized Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) solutions allow physicians to attract additional revenue and reduce administrative burden or losses.

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