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What is pycnogenol and what is it used for?

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Pressbox (Press Release) - Pycnogenol is nothing but a compound of natural chemicals and is derived from the bark of a European pine tree. It has antioxidant properties and can be used for protecting the cells from getting damaged. The active ingredients present in pycnogenol can also be found in other sources like peanut skin, grape seed, and hazel bark. To know what pycnogenol is used for, keep on reading the article.
Allergies and asthma
A recent study shows that it is helpful in reducing allergy symptoms in people who have a birch pollen allergy. It is a seasonal allergy caused by the birch pollen found if foods like apple, almond, apricot, carrot, celery, kiwi, hazelnut, etc. You might see that your throat and mouth might itch after eating certain raw fruits; it is because of the birch pollen present in them. You can also use eco winter to keep your skin from tanning and allergies. Pycnogenol, when taken along with asthma medicines, can decrease asthma symptoms and reduce the need to use inhalers in children and adults with asthma.
Circulation problems
People who suffer from circulation problems can take pycnogenol by mouth as it will help in reducing leg pain and heaviness and also in fluid retention. You can buy Pycnogenol Canada online as it is useful in problems related to circulation. It also helps in improving mental function and memory both in adults and the elderly.
Cardiovascular diseases
Pycnogenol is also beneficial for people who have heart and artery issues. It can lower blood pressure and improve the blood flow to legs. According to a few studies, it can also protect againstcoronary artery diseases and blood clots. It has been long used as a powerful antioxidant and has shown significant results in avoiding and reversing cardiovascular diseases.
Diseases of the retina
Taking pycnogenol on a daily basis for two months can slow down or prevent further worsening of the retinal diseases. Retinal disease is caused by diabetes, atherosclerosis, and other diseases. Pycnogenol can reduce these symptoms and also improve eyesight.
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