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Benefits of choosing Quartz Countertops – Palash Internationals

Added: (Wed May 29 2019)

Pressbox (Press Release) - Quartz– One of the well-known mineral on earth.

Due to its cost, look and other features, Quartz is always the first choice for those who want to give a completely new look to their kitchen or bedroom. Few people simply love steel. Other individuals favour marble. Despite everything, others may need a type of composite. However, there is one classification regularly left off the rundown and that is “Quartz”.

But why quartz is preferred so much than anything else? To know the answer to this question, let’s have a look at some of the incredible benefits of quartz.

1. Hygiene is one of the wonderful benefits of Quartz
By listening to this, you might be thinking that what Quartz Countertops have to do with hygiene. Exactly when we first hear this we are also in the same position. But finally, we come to know that it is related to hygiene as just like your typical tile countertops that require grout-lines, quartz contains a micro-ban that protects against germs.

Moreover, it is also an easy surface to clean and one never has to reseal it, like marble and granite.

2. Quartz is Non-Porous
As quartz countertops are made up of 93% quartz and 7% resins, polymers and other types of pigments, it is non-porous.

3. Quartz is easy to maintain
As we know that quartz doesn’t need to be resealed like marble and granite and if one takes proper care of quartz by cleaning up spills as soon as possible, no other maintenance is required.

One of the stunning advantages of quartz is that it stays wonderful and flawless with insignificant exertion on your part that makes it an incredible choice for an outside kitchen where the climate may tear any other countertop material.

4. Quartz is stronger than anything else
If you want to test quartz just simply bang your pots or pans on your quartz flooring. Don’t worry doing so will not give any scratch, ding or crack unless you’ll use a sledgehammer.

As we brought up before it’s made up of 93% common quartz, thus it is a practically unadulterated stone with no air pockets, internal lacks, or breaks. Furthermore, the pitch cover is almost bulletproof.

5. Quartz always appear how you Order
As quartz countertops are built rather than cut from stone, you will dependably get what you requested. A custom marble or granite manufacturer may attach an additional charge for cutting around any imperfection. But with engineering quartz, there are no deformities. A defect would be the fault of a manufacturer as they couldn’t stick it on nature.

6. Quartz is Comparatively Inexpensive
One likely has a financial limit for their kitchen renovating. In the event that you don’t and you have all the cash to spend in the world than also you’ll be able to save money on quartz.

One of the greatest benefits of quartz that offered by Quartz Company is it is affordable (when compared to higher-level granite). Exotic granite is much more expensive as it needs to cut from massive blocks to get the right size for your countertops.

With quartz, one doesn’t need to compromise even if they are having a big kitchen for remodeling.

If you’re looking for tough, contemporary countertops, quartz is the best option for you. There are very few drawbacks that occur when one buy quartz over granite or marble.

If you’re looking to update or remodel your kitchen and looking for leading quartz stone exporter in India, then get in touch with Palash International. We promise you that your countertops will look amazing!!

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