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Dynamic Applications annonces Internet of Things developer - Leopoldshoehe, European Union.

Added: (Wed Dec 05 2018)

Pressbox (Press Release) - Dynamic Applications releases Internet of Things developer

The IoT developer simulation all about developing Smart Homes for every person in the world.

Change any input you want, over time, and optimize your Net Profit planning over 48 months, precisely calculated. Estimate Material Cost of various parts, Energy consumption, Production time, Retail Price of your Device, Customers and Devices sold, SocialMedia Followers, Website Vistors, Work Time.

Our solutions are based on a differential equation solver. See App Downloads, Total Cost, Revenue, and resulting Net Profit, precisely combined over time. Concentrate on each single Input Parameter, on the "driving screws" of your company.

So why IoT? -

imagine you are a house wife, all day at home. One day, she thinks about the meaning of Photovoltaic Systems. As everyone knows, they are producing energy from sunlight. But, do they have a business case? - nobody knows for sure. One day, a new thought comes to her.

When she's cooking a meal for her family, in summertime, it gets pretty warm in the kitchen. She wants to be tidy and clean, and not dirty, sweating and rotten. So she has wished herself an air conditioning, for a long time.

When she mentioned to her husband, he said it was too expensive.

When she mentioned to her 17-year old daughter, she's all about protecting nature and says it's not good for world climate, so she's all against it.

But she has observed over the years that renewable energy production, wind and solar, have become cheaper every year. While developing energy efficient machines has become more expensive.

Looking out of her window, all of a sudden, she saw a lot of potential: customers !

And so she develops world's first Photovoltaic System - driven Air Conditioner, a completely autonomic device for the Internet of Things.

She opens up a Website and two Twitter accounts and if you got any idea about what the Dynamic Applications project is about, you have already seen that she creates a win-win-win situation for her small family. She hasn't got any idea yet whether this machine has got a realistic business case, at first. It just seems a cool idea and when she tells her friends at the laundry, they also find it a really cool idea for the laundry. An air conditioner, powered by PV panels, with energy supplied directly from of the Sun. 4.000.000 years to come.

She is pragmatic and opens up a website on day one, starts developing her idea, invites people to join her, and all of a sudden, her family starts recognizing her in a completely different way.

They got a 21st century mum, now.

Is it possible? - we say yes.
So here's a tool to calculate the best possible price for your idea, and sell it by the thousands.

Are you ready to go?


We are Dynamic Applications. We empower people. We are Sharing Economy. Follow us to gain.

Submitted by:Martin Bernhardt
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