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Change starts with one person - Talks Fuzia's Founder

Added: (Sat Feb 16 2019)

Pressbox (Press Release) - A platform that now engages over 3 million users has an origin story that started with one person’s belief that change starts with one person. Ria Sinha was just 11 years old when she published her first book Runaway Twins. During a reading of this very book, she was approached by a young girl, who was six years old then, who mentioned that seeing Ria write has also inspired her to write her own book. “At that moment I realised that I could have an influence on someone no matter how much power or money you have at that moment’”, says Ria Sinha in a Ted talk in Sonoma Country. 17 year old Ria is the founder of Fuzia, that empowers creative women through a fusion of culture and ideas. In an inspiring dialogue, Ria talks about how thanks to the power to technology and social media, everyone can make a difference, regardless of our position.
Ria soon realised that she wanted to empower more women and give them a creative with support and validation. Hence, Fuzia was initially founded as a writing club for women to come together and share their creative work, so that could be a part of each other’s growth and provide support. Fuzia exponentially grew to be a place where women not only share their artwork, writing, music, photography but can also chat with each other across boundaries and connect. In her talk, Ria mentions how women of Fuzia become leaders within their own community and take initiative for bringing about change.
In today’s world each and every member of our generation needs to take charge and believe in social transformation. We can no more keep quiet about the challenges facing our world. We need to take responsibility and work for causes we deeply feel about. Every individual taking initiative is the only way once can deal with rampant problems facing our world. There is hope is our generation because our generation is full of activated leaders. Together, we can bring about change in this planet that we are inheriting. People already in power need to guide us on past failures and what we can learn from them. With the help of incredible role models, we are also learning to take charge of our lives and various others.
Young people are connecting across the globe, transcending boundaries of nation-states and coming together to aid transformation into a better world. Ria observes, with widespread atrocities across our world, if we break silence in the face of violence, we can truly be the voice of change. Using technology and social media, this is achievable, or we risk losing a lot. Still going strong with her message of self-empowerment and creative freedom, Ria’s vision is the driving force behind Fuzia, and a call for everyone to follow their passion and take action.
Fuzia - https://www.fuzia.com/ Empowering creative women through fusion of cultures and ideas!

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