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DERAS- The sure shot vote banks - All set to be lured by Leaders…

Added: (Thu Nov 22 2018)

Pressbox (Press Release) - The gravitational pull of electoral politics is all set to hit in the high-frequency radars of votes – The DERAs. The ‘Election Push’ forces the leaders to visit these ready-made and well-prepared human-audience for influencing the results in their favor. Aura of the Deras' premises, allures these leaders for meetings and appointments with the community leaders, where most of the members are from the marginal groups. A Long List of welfare is showcased and hefty promises are made, in the context of elections. Political leaders take these diaries, for granted and feel blessed to be fed these shelters so that in times of need, they can raise votes for winning.

The world works on trends and the present structure of society loves to influence religious people. From these Dera, point of view, political parties alluring Dera is kind of understanding, but why are Community leaders indulging into politics and how healthy is it?

In fact, there is no question of comparison.

Spiritual and religious leaders are no exception, they are in fact following the trend, after all, these so-called Deras are also a community of common people & have their needs and face problems in smoothly functioning the whole machinery.

Let us understand how this Vote bank-lured-politics works. Sacha Sauda, Radhasoami, Sachkhand Ballan, Nurmahal, Nirankari and Namdhari are some of the biggest deras in Punjab and its adjoining states. Over the years, these deras have developed, well-settled villages of their own with multiple facilities. Another side to this is they do need political parties, but not to fulfill their selfish goals, like their counterparts, but to reach the goal of a healthy community & society.

Why will Punjab politics continue with its heady cocktail of deras, dynasties, and drug cartels? The short answer is that these three elements are politically and economically interlinked. Dera Sacha Sauda, for e.g., has initiated 133 welfare works, under the supervision of Baba Ram Rahim. In a recent survey of Dera Sacha Sauda branches in Punjab and Rajasthan for upcoming elections, Political leaders frequently tried to connect with Dera representatives, for influencing vote bank.

And Dera Sacha Sauda Rajasthan itself has an influence over roughly over 35 Assembly seats in the areas of Sri-Ganganagar, Hanumangarh, Kota, Sikar, Churu, Alwar, Jaipur, Dausa and Bikaner. And if they can come together to get something better off from the political parties, which is beneficial for the whole Society, why not? Dera Sacha Sauda followers definitely are not interested in political power, instead, all they ask is, healthy social strata, and therefore, ask the political parties to follow an agenda, set by them, which includes banning alcohol, drugs, dowry, child marriages etc., as some of its demands. And if political parties, conform to these, it is definitely a healthy trend. Although expecting the leaders to fulfill their promises, is like expecting the sun to rise from the west. Also, since Deras perform welfare works at mega levels, they don't mind taking political support to perform their best & reach the benefits to the maximum. Keeping, all this in mind, Deras will be a hot market for politics and every Dera resorting to political support is definitely not a bad idea. It is just that they have to find a way to make sure that political parties, stick to their promises, and this, is kind of impossible, going by their reputation.

While each assembly election brings its own new hopes and strategies to lure community leaders. Let's see, in the upcoming elections, what strategy works best. We sure hope the best man and the best party, rise to power.

Submitted by:Scott Brunner
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