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Asterisk Announced Automated Ticket booking IVR solution for Support Center

Added: (Thu Apr 25 2019)

Pressbox (Press Release) - Asterisk Service, a unit of Ecosmob, announced automated ticket booking IVR solution for support centers. Talking about the automated ticket booking IVR solution the company’s VP started off by saying that customer expectations are at a high and support centers need to adapt to deliver the right experience. Asterisk Service automated solution is the right tool at the right time to create a smoother customer journey.

The team at Asterisk Service assessed customer expectations from support centers. What they want is fast resolution, handling of issues by an expert agent and personal interaction with self service being less preferred. However, Asterisk Service came up with a tailored IVR solution for automated ticket booking. This has two benefits. One, it provides a measure of self service to customers more aligned with their expectations. Two, it frees up agents and helps them priorities callbacks since tickets are generated automatically and put in a queue. An improvement is that AI integrated into the IVR senses whether it is an established customer who is calling, urgency of his issue and his mood, thereby helping to push it forward in the queue.

In majority of cases the caller is forced to listen to prompts, press keys, listen to another set of prompts and finally gets an option of his choice or the option to speak to an agent. The automated ticketing system simply does away with all these key presses. The caller receives a ticket number, his call is registered and the agent calls back. It involves less frustration and a more delightful experience for the customer. They are not put on hold as would happen when an agent is busy with another caller. Agents can work free of stress since they too do not have the urgency to finish with a call in order to attend another one in the queue.

This is a rather simplified explanation of what the automated ticket booking system in the IVR is capable of. However, there are more features and use areas with slight modifications, such as allowing the ticketing system to be used to actually book train, bus or movie tickets, for example. It ties into a backend database and can lead to a further payment IVR if needed.

Asterisk Service has an excellent track record of support and technical competence. The team aligns solutions to the needs of a client and that gives better value for money, ease of use, reports and analytics in a sophisticated but highly affordable package.

Support centers interested in taking their services to the next level may get in touch with Asterisk Service at 91 79 40054019, 1-303-997-3139 or chat live on https://www.asteriskservice.com.

Source: https://www.prlog.org/12766583-asterisk-announced-automated-ticket-booking-ivr-solution-for-support-center.html

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