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Hodusoft Announces Inclusion of Multi-Lingual Capability in its Hosted IP PBX

Added: (Thu Apr 25 2019)

Pressbox (Press Release) - Hodusoft, a division of VoIP tech leader Ecosmob, announced inclusion of multi-lingual capabilities in its hosted IPPBX software. Targeted mainly at ITSPs that need to cast their net far and wide to rope in as many clients as possible and deliver satisfactory services, the multi-lingual capability is a much-desired feature that is now a reality according to the VP of the company. For instance, an American company may have English as its main language. For its branch location in Asia or Africa or Europe, the respective branches can configure the IPPBX in the local language while simultaneously retaining English too.

The addition of multi-lingual capability in Hodusoft hosted IP PBX makes it versatile and puts it laps ahead of the competition. ITSPs, said the VP, looking for multi-tenant hosted IP PBX will welcome this feature since it will help them serve global clients in their regional languages. Languages can be switched in an instant. They can offer multi-lingual facility to a client with operations in various locations. Each branch can configure the IP PBX in the local language. This greatly facilitates ease of use and communications, he claimed.

Hodusoft multi-tenant hosted IP PBX Software with multi-lingual capability, he continued, is just as ideal for global enterprises. Enterprises can maintain separate accounts for each branch location in much the same way ITSPs maintain accounts of clients and each branch can work with the local language.

This inclusion gives a boost to the already feature-rich Hodusoft IPPBX that has all the standard IPPBX features plus WebRTC inclusion for audio-video chats and conferences. Some features are grafted from contact center software to make it more useful and inclusion of AI makes it smarter. “As far as performance vs cost is concerned, I believe Hodusoft multi-lingual IPPBX is in far in the lead.”

Add to this features such as least cost routine that reduces costs to ITSPs and users alike and advanced post and prepaid billing and it is easy to see how Hodusoft should be the number one choice for IPPBX solutions. That Hodusoft’s services are impeccable is yet another reason to choose their hosted IP PBX. As for costs, since this is a hosted offering, all that clients need to do is signup and Hodusoft will set up their account and make it operational within an hour without any upfront payment. A further advantage is that new users do not need to invest in any IP Phone or hardware; their existing computers and mobiles become part of the system.

Hodusoft’s hosted IPPBX is quite complex but easy to use since the front end features a user-friendly graphical interface that permits customization of features, billings, payments and analytics.

ITSPs and enterprises interested in Hodusoft multilingual hosted PBX may get in touch with them on phone 91 79 48939393, 1-707-708-4638, drop an inquiry through the online form or chat on http://www.hodusoft.com.

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