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New Chicago-based Lifestyle Brand GREY Sells Ugly Shirts To Beautiful People

Added: (Sat Mar 30 2019)

Pressbox (Press Release) - CHICAGO, IL April 2, 2019—GREY launches new fashion line that dares the world to be bold with its beyondLabels streetwear collection. With unique designs that challenge societal norms, beyondLabels is for the confident individual who isn’t afraid to stand out from the crowd.

New Chicago-based Lifestyle Brand GREY
Sells Ugly Shirts To Beautiful People

Our GREY fashion line is a common ground for everyone who defies stereotypes. These individuals need a brand that speaks volumes about their personality without them having to say a single word. Founded in 2016, GREY skincare disrupted the industry by introducing an all natural and premium skincare line with style. Now in 2019, we’re proving that GREY isn’t just another brand that will fade into obscurity. We’re taking the spotlight again, only this time we’re disrupting the streetwear scene with our latest beyondLabels fashion collection.

The market value for streetwear generates over $175 million a year. Now GREY is shaking up the streetwear scene with our 3 brand philosophies:
Not giving into fads, but creating bold and thought-provoking designs
Building a nimble operation that turns concepts into products in weeks, not months
Insisting on collaborating with fans and staying true to their feedback

Our founder, Anson Wu, said it best when he described our beyondLabels collection as “a plan to tear down societal constructs and get people talking. We present our best selves when there is nothing to hold us back.”

Each design from our beyondLabels collection aims to challenge conventional perceptions of the world around us. We want the onlookers to be confronted with their own bias while giving our wearers a chance to express their desire and personality. Unlike other streetwear brands that build on hypes and fads, GREY fashion is built on the courage of individuals.


Ugly Tee $49.00
For the soul who is most often misunderstood. The idea behind this shirt recognizes that while most people are quick to judge, there are a select few who value human connection over the superficial. When we take the time to get to know someone, we see them for who they truly are.

Ugly Tee (Limited Edition) $79.00
For the person who likes to be extreme and challenge society’s labels. This limited edition Ugly Tee comes in bold red and white lettering on a sleek black background.

Not So Unique Tee $49.00
For the individual who knows who they are. With this design, we wanted to show that while everyone else is fighting to be unique, sometimes it’s those who aren’t distracted by popular trends that are truly free to break out of the mold.

Since its March 2019 launch, the GREY fashion line is already living up to expectations with positive reviews rolling in from people with expressive personalities. Save 15% off first order with promo code: BEYOND

About GREY

Based in Chicago, Illinois, GREY is a lifestyle brand offering premium natural skincare, bold accessories, and superior fashion for everyone who defies expectations. GREY resonates with the individuals who refuse to be pigeon-holed as one-dimensional. They have a community. GREY is that club. We are embarking upon uncharted territory in lifestyle—and all who dare to share the journey are welcome.

For more information about GREY, visit discoverGREY.com. For product questions, email care@discoverGREY.com.

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