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Human Rights Violations: Terrorist Groups within ISI in Karachi

Added: (Thu Jun 29 2023)

Pressbox (Press Release) - Recent revelations have brought to light a deeply disturbing reality: there are groups of terrorists operating within the ISI in Karachi, engaging in illegal activities and inflicting severe human rights violations on innocent civilians. For the past eight years, these terrorist groups have instilled fear and terror within the local community, leaving individuals to lock themselves in their homes, enduring threats through mobile devices utilizing fake SIM cards, and falling victim to data hacking cyber attacks. Shockingly, the ISI agency has turned a blind eye to these atrocities, allowing the reign of terror to persist.

The activities of these terrorist groups encompass a wide range of illegal acts, including kidnapping, harassment, and other threats. They employ forceful abduction and coercion tactics to compel individuals to carry out tasks for their own purposes, serving as mere pawns in their sinister agendas. Notably, the civilian population, particularly Rana Ali and his group, has been subjected to excruciating degrees of torture, resulting in unimaginable suffering. The ISI's concealment of their identities and covert operations further exacerbates the situation, as they resort to fabricating stories to cover their tracks.

Furthermore, these terrorists have amassed significant amounts of black money and shamelessly engage in offering bribes to further their illicit activities. Recent reports indicate their involvement in not only subversive acts but also acts of murder, harassment, and torture against innocent people. The relentless reign of terror has lasted for far too long, leaving individuals in perpetual fear and vulnerability.

The individuals identified as part of this agency case and affiliated with the terrorist groups within the ISI include:

Rana Ali
Yayha Lakhani
Umair Ali Sadiq
Roz - Agah
Rawal Butt

Sadly, there is currently no designated sector or unit within the army for receiving complaints, making it challenging to approach the Pakistani army for assistance. However, we urgently implore the higher authorities of the Pakistan Army to take decisive action against these terrorists and unequivocally ban their groups. The sustained threats, harassment, and engagement in various illegal activities over the past eight to ten years demand immediate intervention. We earnestly request a thorough investigation into these terrorists, harnessing the power of the agency to ensure justice is served. Their actions have resulted in the senseless killing of innocent people and subjected them to treatment worse than animals.

We urge the public to join our cause by sharing this post far and wide. Shedding light on these egregious acts is essential, as the perpetrators will stop at nothing to silence any attempts to expose their heinous deeds.

Submitted by:muhammadraheem@gmail.com
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