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Top 5 hackers in the world according to einstantly.com

Added: (Wed Jun 01 2022)

Pressbox (Press Release) - Technology News: In the current Generation, We can’t expect anything without technology and it is hard to even think about life without Technology. Probably, we use technology in al almost everything and no work can be completed without Using technology. Right from Reading books, ordering food, or even paying bills everything is done with the help of Technology. Even for the smallest of tasks, we are using Technology. Technology has become such an important thing in everyone’s life.
With technology growing so rapidly, Most people rely on Digital payments, and hackers are showing their skills. Online frauds too grown exponentially and from common man to big companies, Hackers are the target and steal money from other accounts by showing their intelligence. Ethical Hacking is a great option and companies are investing crores of rupees in ethical hackers to help the company from potential security threats.
Hackers growing in numbers and causing potential risks the same level of panic has been created among the public. Because people getting accustomed to digital payments and potential risks are also growing while making the payments. It is reported that more than $6 Trillion has been looted by hackers in 2021. However, tech companies are working hard to block any potential security threats. Einstantly.com leading online news portal is listing out some of the renowned hackers in the world.
Here in this article, we look at the topmost hackers in the world:
Kevin Mitnick is considered the topmost ethical Hacker the world has seen. Started by stealing Manual from Pacific Bell to hacking North Defense command in 1982 and was arrested and jailed though released on conditional bail later.
Started their journey in the year 2003, the Anonymous group hacked the Church of Scientology in 2008
Anonymous was started in 2003. After that, they had a problem with the Church of Scientology in 2008. Even the FBI couldn’t take against the group for lacking any evidence.
Adrian Lamo comes next on the list and he is famous as 'The Homeless Hacker. Adrian Lamo first used a tool on Yahoo in 2001 to edit a Reuters story to add a fake quote from former Attorney General John Ashcroft. He then frequently activates systems and informs victims to the media. In 2002, The New York Times declared itself famous for hacking the Internet. He is also known as 'The Homeless Hacker.
Rojales, also known as 'Supnazi', first started hacking into his school as the 'symmetrical pack leader of computer geniuses'. Gonzalez was arrested in New York at the age of. Gonzalez Assisted in prosecuting dozens of shadow crow members. It is reported that Dave Busters has stolen more than 180 million payment card accounts along with the Boston market.
Matthew Bevan Richard Price 1996 Gripis hacked several military networks, including the Air Force Base Defence Information System Agency.
Hacking Is a respectable job if any techie uses it in the right way. Instead, techies who have expertise using it loot people and businesses. The tech companies are making every effort to stop the hackers and keep their users safe and secure.
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