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The Criminal Kind of Liar: The Story of Janet Alderman Zahuta

Added: (Fri Feb 10 2023)

Pressbox (Press Release) - Janet Alderman Zahuta proves herself extremely dishonest. A thief, yes. A liar? Definitely. Immoral? Certainly. To find money, lie about it, hide it, be devious about keeping it secret, even accept yearslong blackmail to avoid word getting out, takes a special kind of dishonesty. The criminal kind of liar. The kind that robs family, flees the country, and even gets away with itÖ

Lucky Find

After Robert Zahutaís mother died, he and Janet found $600,000 in cash somewhere in her house. Some might call this inheritance, if indeed left to her son, but it comes with a hefty tax tag. One Janet did not want to pay. One they hid from the government, from everybody who came looking around. This money went undisclosed. Kept secret. Except, Robertís mother had a boyfriend.

Serious Blackmail

An interesting boyfriend, it turns out. This is a child molester. Convicted offender in the database for sexual predators. Robertís mother was dating a serious criminal. This man knew about the money. Knew Janet and Robert had it. Knew they were hiding it. He threatened to report them to the Internal Revenue Service, the IRS, and other authorities for tax fraud. If they did not cut him in.

Robert and Janet looked after this man. For eight years. They cared for his every need, right until he died. A convicted child rapist. Some call that despicable. Instead of paying tax, and to avoid jail for it, they catered for this pedophileís every whim. They fed him. Clothed him. Sheltered him. In return, he kept mum. Never said a word about them stealing government money. Never reported them.

Tax Fraud

Janet and Robert never paid one cent in taxes on any of that cash. Not one cent. Instead, they used the money in Capital One credit cards. This is fraud. In this way, they get away with not paying any taxes on that undisclosed money, which is really quite substantial. It is a fraud. The very definition of tax fraud. These two essentially defrauded the government. And got away with it.

The law requires you to declare your money. Especially so much of it. Most especially inheritance. This is an important tax; one the IRS takes very seriously. One that can land you in prison if you try to conceal it. Tax fraud is a punishable offense. It carries hefty penalties. These include some big fines and, in many cases, long bouts of incarceration. Not so for Janet. No. Janet gets a new life.

Cash Spends

Instead of declaring the money and paying tax, as the law requires, these two used it to pay off their bills. All their bills. College debts, car debts, monthly expenses. They quietly paid everything and even bought a house. A nice big house too. In a safe and popular neighborhood. In another country. The perfect place to hide out. After the perfect tax crime. Sounds like a too-perfect ending.

There was shopping too. Some extravagant spending. Nothing to indicate financial position, however. Janet and Robert kept under the radar. They did not attract attention. They used this money to pay their bills, steal from the government, and move to Costa Rica. Where it is clear they got clean away with it. Crime really does pay. Evidently.

Costa Rica

Now, life is good for Janet. For Robert too. They have no financial worry. They live free of debt, free of consequence, free of jail. In Costa Rica, of all places. A beautiful country with low crime, stunning views, and strict environmental laws that protect its pristine condition. A place where U.S. law cannot touch her. Not without very expensive, lengthy, and laborious extradition processes.

It would need proof. Plenty of it. Concrete proof too. Irrefutable. Since the motherís pedophilic boyfriend died, after eight years of blackmailing Janet, he took his testimony with him. Mind you, she was happy to care for him. Happy to give him all that money, that time too, just to keep from paying tax. To keep it from the government. They knew he diddled kids. Of course, they did.

Free As Birds

Having got away with defrauding the government, the Zahutaís are living free. These two deserve jail for being so dishonest about this money. They told nobody. Not even family. What if the money was never meant for them? What if it needed sharing? It might have been cash from Robertís motherís house, but that does not mean it was ever his. Perhaps it makes sense now they never declared itÖ

Submitted by:Max Perutz
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