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6 Natural Treatments For High Blood Pressure Without Medication

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Pressbox (Press Release) - What is blood pressure? What are the results of high blood pressure?

Blood pressure refers to the force/pressure of blood putting against the arteries walls. Blood pressure is a mixture of diastolic and systolic pressure. In systolic pressure blood pressures or forces while the heart beats whereas in diastolic pressure when the heart beats is at rest. Systolic pressure is the top or the first readings, or measurements in blood pressure. In a reading range of 130/80, the first reading 130 signifies systolic pressure while 80 signifies diastolic pressure. In the case of pre-hypertension, systolic pressure measurement ranges from 120-129, whereas diastolic number ranges below 80. High blood pressure is known to have no symptoms. The only way to find out blood pressure is by regularly going for blood pressure checkups.

For adults, blood pressure measurement ranges will include one of four main categories:

Category1: Normal blood pressure- Below 120/80 mm Hg

Category 2: Pre-hypertension- Systolic pressure readings between 120-129 and diastolic pressure readings below 80

Category 3: After Hypertension- Systolic pressure between 130-139 and diastolic pressure readings from 80-89

Category 4: Systolic pressure readings at least from 140 and diastolic reading at least from 90 mm Hg

What are the categories of high blood pressure?

High blood pressure is categorized into two main types: primary high blood pressure and secondary high blood pressure.

Primary: it is one of the most common high blood pressure. Those who suffer from this type of blood pressure develop chances of having it as they get older. It occurs due to bad eating habits or Effects Of Sedentary Lifestyle.

Treatment: To treat primary high blood pressure, certain changes in lifestyle and eating habits can reduce reoccurring the chances of this type of high blood pressure.

Secondary: it occurs because of other medical conditions or in case of consumption of certain medicines.

Treatment: It can be treated by eating high fibers foods and more consumption of fish oil and potassium.

Results/outcome of high blood pressure includes:
•Heart failure
•Arterial damage
•Ruptured or blocked blood vessels
•Vision loss
•Poor kidney function
•Metabolic syndrome- a group of metabolic disorders like high insulin and cholesterol, increased waste and atherosclerosis
•Poor concentration and memory loss

Generally, there are no signs and symptoms of high blood pressure, but as the pressure increases, the warning symptoms can include confusion, pains, headaches, irregular heartbeat, tiredness, nosebleeds, or vision change.

Reasons/causes behind high blood pressure include:
•Excessive consumption of Alcohol
•Very high-salt diet
•Emotional or mental stress
•Regular smoking
•Physical inactivity
•Birth control pills

Preventing High Blood Pressure

There are so many foods that work preventing high blood pressure and also work to supplement in order to lower down blood pressure and help change lifestyle. Below high blood pressure remedies can be easily incorporated.

•Increase the intake of fish oil (minimum 1,500 mg daily)
The main cause of behind high blood pressure is due to inflammation in arteries walls. Studies have proved, consumption of a considerable amount of fish oil reduces inflammation.

•Boost up potassium levels
Potassium is one of the essential elements, and high potassium fruits and vegetables like melon and avocado help stand against the effects of sodium in the body. Some of the best fruits to increase potassium levels are by consuming bananas and coconut water.

•High-fiber foods
The best way to lower down high blood pressure is by consuming unprocessed foods and maintains High Blood Pressure Diet. Eating high fibers fruits and vegetable help in maintaining cholesterol levels in the body as cholesterol is one of the important factors behind high blood pressure.

•Quit smoking
A single puff of cigarette makes a major impact on blood pressure. By quitting smoking Addiction, one can lower down high blood pressure to normal blood pressure. Quitting smoking habits not only helps bring down blood pressure but also reduces the chances of heart diseases.

•Reduce your caffeine intake
Caffeine intake increasingly raises the blood pressure readings in those who on a regular basis consume it. People who barely consume coffee or other caffeine drinks usually experience no effect.

•Stressful life
Chronic stress or mental disorders contribute to high blood pressure. Some to deal with occasional stress also end up suffering from high blood pressure. By taking out time consider finding out what the causes behind stress are and how they can be eliminated.

If you are facing high blood pressure, always consider getting blood pressure checked on a regular basis. By getting support and maintaining awareness, one can be treated well on time. By tracking blood pressure readings help detect the pattern of blood pressure or Everything Health.

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