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Pressbox (Press Release) - The language interpreting services have become valuable tools that support efficient and worldwide business development for any kind of brand in the middle of a complex, competitive and globalized world, where more than 7,000 languages coexist.

The globalization and Information Technologies (IT) have changed things forever. Especially on the business area, the mix between social networks and the ITs has upgraded the way organizations and their business partners interact. And language interpreters have also supported brands by diversifying and upgrading their connection with current and potential international stakeholders.

There are four main styles of interpreting that can adapt to any business or social necessity and help not only to trespass the language boundaries that might interfere with content diffusion but also to add real value and significance when delivering a product to a foreign audience.

First of all, the consecutive interprets are very helpful in negotiations, press conferences, medical and legal appointments, interviews, business meetings, and conventions. It is an alternative that consists of face-to-face interpretation. The interpreter translates a dialogue into a target language after the emitter finishes his/her message. Then, the interpreter delivers the message to a receiver so he can understand what the speaker just said.

The simultaneous interpreters are the ones that use headphones to listen to the emitter and to traduce to a target language simultaneously.

Next category of interpretation is when two business partners from different countries want to speak to each other, they can use a phone interpreter. Just like a consecutive interpreter, a phone interpreter waits until the speaker finishes the message before converting the phrases, like a language filter.

Finally, the video remote interpreting is a service that uses digital devices to communicate the translated information. It combines the benefit of face-to-face interpretation. These services are ideal for communicating with business partners, staff, or clients who are deaf or with hearing difficulties.

Thanks to the huge number of social networks users and to market segmentation (according to demographic, geographic, psychographics, behavioral, contextual or other factors), it is now easier than ever for marketing specialists to reach to their target audience. In the Web, any kind of organization can connect with its distributors, suppliers, potential and current clients, competition, and with other audiences - like the Government, NGOs, the press- from all over the world.

However, this digital universe also includes a universe of cultures, social values and different languages that must be considered when setting up business goals. The language interpreting has become a crucial business requirement in order to truly understand the international business partnersí perspective and needs.

Wagner Consulting International offers language interpreters that fit any business need, fields or situations. Their highly qualified interpreters will provide business support in any kind of events where people from diverse nationalities and languages take part.

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