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Spotify Playlist Pitching Is SO Last Year Multi-Tiered Marketing Campaigns Is Where It’s At In 2023

Mandalay Bay, CA…While Spotify has been continually updating their platform, Spotify promoters have NOT evolved, with the exception of SpotifyPromotions.net "The complexity of being able to separate one’s music from the other 99,999 tracks uploaded that day is incredibly complex [and] incredibl(Added: Wed Apr 19 2023)

Spotify Playlist Pitching Is SO Last Year Multi-Tiered Marketing Campaigns Is Where It’s At In 2023

Mandalay Bay, CA…While Spotify has been continually updating their platform, Spotify promoters have NOT evolved, with the exception of SpotifyPromotions.net "The complexity of being able to separate one’s music from the other 99,999 tracks uploaded that day is incredibly complex [and] incredibl(Added: Wed Apr 19 2023)

Pollstics - Campaign Agency

Pollstics is an Election Campaign Agency based on Data Research and Public Sentiment Analysis. It is a Political Campaign Management Consultancy that provides various services including Political Landscaping, Geographical and Demographical Targeting, Campaign Designing, Message Development, Sche(Added: Tue Apr 18 2023)

Nansen’s Indexes Reveal Insightful Trends In The NFT Space

The NFT market is an unpredictable and fast-growing market that requires a reliable infrastructure to navigate it. Nansen has revealed some insightful NFT trends that will empower the NFT enthusiast to explore deeper into the NFT industry. Despite facing a 28.8% drop in the last month, Nansen recent(Added: Tue Apr 18 2023)

Magic Eden Launches Bitcoin NFT Marketplace

Magic Eden is a Non-fungible Tokens marketplace renowned for its top-notch quality. Magic Eden came to be due to the realization of these members that there are gaps in the various available Non-fungible Token marketplaces and the need for something more. It has one of the highest liquidities for a (Added: Tue Apr 18 2023)

Saudi’s Carbon Capture Journey Towards Net Zero

In March 2021, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia published a series of a plan to diversify its economy and reduce its carbon production rates significantly. It came up with significant goals designed to bring about a growth plan where the country diversifies its economy while setting the pace as a Net zer(Added: Tue Apr 18 2023)

Why do some cryptocurrencies fail while some succeed?

Most people often need guidance on how volatile the crypto industry can be. When Bitcoin first came about, it initially flopped. Still, soon after, it picked up and is now considered one of the most successful cryptocurrencies. Suppose you’re wondering; What is Bitcoin doing differently, and how do (Added: Tue Apr 18 2023)

Dubai’s Game-changing Move: Combining Digital Gold and Blockchain Technology

Dubai has always been at the forefront of innovation and technological advancements, and the city is once again making waves in the world of finance by combining digital gold with blockchain technology. Introducing crypto gold is a game-changing move to revolutionize the gold market, and Dubai is le(Added: Tue Apr 18 2023)

Global Polymer Emulsion Market.

Global Polymer Emulsion Market size was estimated at USD XX billion in 2020 and is expected to hit around USD XX billion by 2030, poised to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of XX% from 2022 to 2030.(Added: Tue Apr 18 2023)

Best Ways to Prevent NFT Theft

NFT theft is the unauthorized access, sale, and transfer of NFTs without consent from the original owner or buyer. Since NFTs are stored on blockchains with immutable ledgers, it is often difficult to retrieve a stolen NFT, which can cause damage worth a lot of money. The five tips below will provid(Added: Fri Apr 14 2023)


For some years now, regulators have raised various concerns regarding how tech companies operate. As a result, tech companies have come under increased scrutiny from legislators in key jurisdictions like the US and UK. As one could expect, these concerns have catalyzed efforts to further regulate th(Added: Fri Apr 14 2023)

Dubai Industrial Strategy 2030 and Climate Considerations

The city of Dubai, which used to be a small fishing village but is now a successful economic hub for the whole world, has set its sights on a sustainable future. Due to its rapidly growing population and economy, the city knows it needs a strong industrial sector to ensure its long-term growth and p(Added: Fri Apr 14 2023)

From the Desert to the Steppes: Acwa’s Massive Solar Energy Projects to Power Uzbekistan

With the increasing demand for renewable energy, more countries are turning to solar power as a viable and sustainable source of electricity. One such country is Uzbekistan, which is set to receive a significant boost to its solar energy industry through Acwa Power. With an abundance of sunshine thr(Added: Fri Apr 14 2023)

5 Failed Cryptocurrencies and Why They Were Unable to Survive

Cryptocurrencies have certainly taken the world by storm, with Bitcoin reaching unprecedented popularity and value over the years. Nevertheless, for every success story, there are some who never make it past the starting line. Many cryptocurrencies begin with great promise, generating a lot of publi(Added: Fri Apr 14 2023)

Regulatory Issues Arising From Blockchain in the Middle East

Blockchain, one of the core technologies of Web 3.0, has become an increasingly popular trend redefining the contemporary world. A blockchain is a digitally distributed, decentralized, and public ledger that allows users the transparent recording and sharing of transaction information. Blockchain tr(Added: Fri Apr 14 2023)

The Blockchain Revolution: Why Now is the Time to Pay Attention:

The structure of today’s virtual markets has numerous loopholes, and blockchain technology provides a foundation for building financial services to fill them. Blockchain links multiple entities and enables data synchronization among various independent stakeholders, while conventional databases stor(Added: Fri Apr 14 2023)

NFT Hacking? Here is How to protect your NFT from theft

Over the years, the NFT industry has witnessed a dramatic increase. As a result, it is fast becoming the most discussed topic in blockchain technology and social media. This has placed NFT as a hot commodity filled with speculators and investors. As a quick refresher, a Non-fungible Token is a digit(Added: Wed Apr 05 2023)

FT v NFT – Difference between fungible tokens and non-fungible tokens

If you’re a blockchain technology newbie, you may encounter several technical terms and conversations. Recently, there have been many debates on fungible vs non-fungible tokens that may confuse a layperson. This brief guide clearly examines the main differences between fungible and non-fungible toke(Added: Wed Apr 05 2023)

Leading Clean Tech ETFs in 2023

Climate change is an urgent global problem. Due to rising concerns, many consumers have joined the trend of sustainability and clean energy initiatives. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), clean energy investment must have tripled by the end of the next decade to combat climate chang(Added: Wed Apr 05 2023)

The Rise of the Green Tech Movement

The Rise of the Green Tech Movement: In some climes, the green tech movement is also known as the green revolution. It involves extensive efforts to move to sustainable, greener energy solutions. Countries globally have increased their strategies to ensure a coherent policy and technological action(Added: Wed Apr 05 2023)

Silvergate Bank V Silicon Valley Bank Liquidation – The Difference And Implication For Crypto

The world of finance has been buzzing with news of two major banks, Silvergate Bank and its holding company Silvergate Capital Corp, as well as Silicon Valley Bank and its holding company SVB Financial Group. These banks have made waves in the crypto industry, and their recent liquidations have spar(Added: Wed Apr 05 2023)

5 Disadvantages of Blockchain

Blockchain has given us numerous opportunities necessary to maximize today’s digital world. However, despite the advantages of blockchain, there are disadvantages underlying the ecosystem. In this article, we will highlight the disadvantages of blockchain. An overview of blockchain Blockchain te(Added: Wed Apr 05 2023)

why the First DAO Launch Failed – Lessons to Learn

On the 30th day of April 2016, the first ever decentralized autonomous organization was launched using an open-source computer code developed by Christoph Jentzsch. This organization closely mimicked a venture capital fund. Owners of DAO tokens could gain immersive profits from the organization’s in(Added: Wed Apr 05 2023)

Areena’s Proactive Approach in Managing Media Intelligence for Mazoon Dairy

In today’s complex media landscape, it is imperative to carry out a social listening for brands. Areena’s 24ieye has come up with a proactive media intelligence management program for Mazoon Dairy to benefit their business by delivering actionable insights. [Muscat,Oman, 25-03-2023] In the end(Added: Wed Apr 05 2023)

UI Development Course in Marathahalli| AchieversIT

Top UI Development Training Institution in Bangalore. We delivered by industry standards and bring current best practices and case studies from their experience to the live and interactive training sessions. We teach you all concepts of HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, JQuery, React.JS, Bootstrap, and Jason(Added: Tue Feb 28 2023)

Unlock Your Musical Potential!

Piano lessons in Honolulu provide aspiring pianists with the opportunity to learn, develop and refine their skills with expert guidance. With access to private teachers, students can gain a deeper understanding of piano technique, music theory, and composition. Whether you're a beginner or an advanc(Added: Tue Feb 28 2023)

Digital Marketing Workshop Of SEO in DSOM(Dehradun School of Online Marketing

23.02.2023: DSOM, a leading digital marketing institute, is pleased to announce its upcoming SEO workshop. The workshop is designed to help businesses improve their website's ranking in search engine results pages and increase their online visibility. The SEO workshop will cover a range of topics,(Added: Thu Feb 23 2023)


Experience the Best and Most Affordable SMM Services with SMMXP London, United Kingdom – SEO ORGENATION LTD is proud to announce the launch of its innovative SMM panel website, SMMXP, which offers the best and cheapest social media marketing services on the market. The website has been designed to (Added: Thu Feb 16 2023)

Basant in UK, INDIA, and All Over the World

Basant Panchami, also called Saraswati Puja in honor of the Hindu goddess Saraswati, is a festival that marks the preparation for the arrival of spring. The festival is celebrated in Hindu religion in different ways depending on the region. It is also celebrated among Followers of Ra dha sva aah mi (Added: Sun Jan 29 2023)

The Rich Get Richer, And The Rest Of Us Are Left Behind: Australia’s Wealth Inequality Problem

This is according to many media outlets last week after investment bank Credit Suisse released its most recent Global Wealth Report. The median Australian’s wealth was approximately $408,717 in 2021, according to the study. This puts Australia at the top of the list, with Belgium, New Zealand, an(Added: Sat Jan 07 2023)
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