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Wally Introduces 360 Accessibility, Revolutionizing Digital Experiences

Added: (Thu Nov 02 2023)

Pressbox (Press Release) - Wally introduces innovative, personalised Digital Accessibility Experiences (PAX) to ecommerce, creative and developer teams.

Wally, a first of its kind and pioneer in digital accessibility, today comes out of stealth mode to unveil comprehensive accessibility solutions as part of the platform's early adopters program. Its innovations were conceived after recognizing the growing disconnect between consumers' personalization expectations and the current tech landscape alongside the growing organisational divide on content accessibility. With 3 out of 4 users with accessibility preferences abandoning, Wally’s initial modules are designed to help businesses deliver better experiences for digital commerce across desktop and mobile devices.

Wally - 360 Degree Accessibility

With the initial product launch, Wally introduces the first total accessibility score for brands. Using proprietary technology focused on understanding content supply flows and accessibility compliance in order to evaluate user experience efficacy tied to those with disabilities. Results are summarized through an AX Score giving brands a benchmark, alongside prioritised issues and expert recommendations. Users can leverage the no-code solution to achieve personalised accessible experiences and compliance in one.

Designed to radically change how brands view accessibility and personalization together for web, social and media experiences, Wally works in conjunction with browser and operating system accessibility solutions to deliver native, personalised accessibility experiences, improving user journeys that deliver lifts in usage and conversion. With two thirds of traffic now on mobile and deeper journeys linked to better outcomes, the ability to identify accessibility defects, troubleshoot breakdowns in user experience and fix issues in real time is key to boosting engagement and reducing abandonment.

Wally integrates into your content supply process, with use across every stage from production to code development and content hosting— from discovery to ideation to consumer experience,” said Brian Gavin, Co-Founder of Wally. “With product updates becoming more frequent and multi-channel experiences being the norm, ensuring consistent accessibility is essential. A developer friendly dashboard makes it clear what UX flows matter and what usability issues you should address.”

Compare Accessibility Experience Metrics With Content Flow Versions

With 360 Content Analyzer, brands can compare their accessibility experience across multiple channels, against Wally bench marks that analyse various metrics and contextual data points (navigation,contrast, text quality, amongst other key attributes).

360 Accessibility gives users the optimal experience. Especially during the most crucial steps in the buyer journey, acquisition and retention. It helps brands prioritise key experiences, involving key teams in order to address instances of inaccessibility at the root cause.

Wally is partnering closely with leading ecommerce brands along with advertising & creative agencies to scale the initial personalised accessible experiences.

About Wally

Wally is a comprehensive digital accessibility innovator committed to creating an environment where leveraging accessibility through personalised experiences occurs naturally. Wally solutions are designed to allow web and app users across desktop and mobile to experience user engagement, loyalty and trust by millions of websites globally to increase usability for users of different abilities. Al-powered technologies, combined with human-in-the-loop processes, help websites, apps, and digital documents more readily achieve compliance with accessibility regulations, such as the ADA, Section 508, AODA and EAA, and internationally recognized standards such as WCAG 2.1 AA, WCAG 2.2, and EN 301-549.

Wally includes: 360 Content Analyzer - Analyze accessibility of all your content (images, documents, copy, code and websites), before and after you publish them. User Experience Examiner - Analyze your users' experience across your entire digital presence. Understand issues in the places that matter most to your users. Wally Expert Recommendation - With our Accessibility Assistant, get recommendations on how to fix all your accessibility issues. Wally CMS - Automatically fix all your accessibility issues, by applying our Java script to your website. Wally Intelligent Scheduling - Monitor the accessibility of your entire digital presence, and automatically flag any issues that arise anywhere. Accessibility Report Card - Get insights on your accessibility performance of your entire digital presence over time. Easy Rule Implementation - Get specific WCAG rule identifiers for all your accessibility issues, with unique instance IDs. This makes it easier for you to fix them manually, if you choose to do so.

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