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AsteriskService Introduces Smarter,Intelligent & Improved Hotel IVR Solution for Hospitality sector

Added: (Thu May 23 2019)

Pressbox (Press Release) - Asterisk Service, a unit of global VoIP tech leaders Ecosmob, announced a revamped and much improved smarter Hotel IVR solution for the hospitality industry. This improvements come in the wake of in-depth research and feedbacks from existing users of IVR solutions for hospitality industry.

Speaking on the occasion the company’s VP said that the hospitality industry is unique since the customer journey involves separate stages and a straightforward IVR becomes far too complex and frustrating for a user. The upgraded IVR solution for hospitality is restructured and improved to make it extremely user friendly with contextual menus according to the stage of the customer journey. For instance, a person inquiring about services is guided through a separate menu to give him information he needs and leads him to a decision point. This leads to the second stage where the customer books and makes payment after which he receives confirmation. The third stage is usually in the on-premise IVR for use when a guest has booked into his room and needs a different set of services. Then there is a fourth stage too when a guest checks out and may use IVR to leave behind suggestions and feedback. This modular approach means a user of the hotel IVR can avoid the frustration of innumerable key presses and wait times. Going a step further there is the option of visual IVR that helps callers using mobile devices to view the complete options on the screen and press or tap that option, leapfrogging the sequence and getting things done faster in the process.

Given the global nature of the hospitality industry and that hotel chains may have units in various locations, Asterisk Service has incorporated intelligent language recognition in its hotel IVR system. Callers are identified as belonging to a particular region by the country prefix code. The IVR responds in the language of that country or offers an option in that language.

Asterisk Service improved hotel IVR now integrates omnichannel and social media for better communication and interaction. In addition, it is possible to port it into an existing CRM and help in data analytics as well as business intelligence. Asterisk service can also help in porting the IVR to tour operators and travel agents tied up with the hotel chain. It is also possible to include a video chat module through which a caller using the hotel IVR can actually get to view the hotel room and interiors prior to making a decision. A high level of customization is assured in the development of IVR for hospitality in order to fit the solution to clients and their business model.

Asterisk Service improved hotel IVR is fast in operation, intelligent and feature rich with a single dashboard interface for ease of use by agents and facility to dynamically customize options. “We are confident our superior technology implementations and customer support will help hospitality sector improve occupancy rates and deliver a host of value added services through the hotel IVR while reducing manpower costs.”

Interested hotels may get in touch with Asterisk service by phone on 1-303-997-3139, 91 79 40054019 or chat live on https://www.asteriskservice.com/solutions/hotel-ivr.

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