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Asterisk Service Announce Customized Call Center Solution

Added: (Thu Jun 06 2019)

Pressbox (Press Release) - Asterisk Service, a specialized division of Ecosmob, global VoIP tech leaders, announced customized call center solutions for call and contact centers worldwide. This solution can be used by existing call centers to raise their performance to higher levels. It is just perfect for startups in call center business that can get going with minimal upfront investments due to scalable hosted features of the modular Asterisk Call Center Solution.
Elaborating on the customization part, the company’s VP said that his was drive by their research into the way call centers currently operate and the changing customer behaviors. Using a standard call center software often leads to operational bottlenecks and frustrations for agents as well as callers that has an overall negative impact on profitability and growth. Asterisk call center solution providers came up with the idea of a flexible and modular approach to put in place precisely what suits a particular call center and its operations, said the VP.  

For instance, a call center may focus on outbound call operations. In this scenario outbound dialing assumes importance. Asterisk infuses artificial intelligence into outbound dialing processes to make it automated and more productive. It is easy to schedule calls according to geographic locations and knowledge about the right time to call, sense the mood and alert the agent to tailor his approach to make it a more satisfactory experience. Task and call distribution keeps workloads balanced on agents. Call records and intelligent analytics will provide feedback to managers to help better train agents. Then there is omnichannel integration to help agents have a dashboard view and continue a conversation on other channels to drive customers into the sales funnel.

As for call centers that handle inbound calls, a different level of customization is applied to the call center software with the accent on smart and visual IVR so that callers can get issues resolved on their own. Then there is skill based mapping and routing of inbound calls to just the right person who can resolve the matter in one go. Customization of software always results in faster operation and fewer chances of anything going wrong.

Then there are call centers that handle inbound and outbound calls and for them Asterisk Service offers a blended solution with compartmentalization features such as IVR only for inbound tasks. WebRTC technologies may be included along with omnichannel support and a common CRM inclusion. Our aim, said the VP, is to make the call center software a joy to use for the agents so they can work happily and do more for their employees.

Asterisk Service is committed to promoting and assisting the call center industry. It is enthusiastic about supporting startups in call center business with its hosted, modular and scalable call center software. Anyone wishing to start call center operations with as few as 10 seats can do so simply by signing up, with no upfront costs and only a minimal IT infrastructure. Asterisk Service provides total support at all levels, automatic upgrades and best in class performance with least cost of use.

Call center operators may get in touch with Asterisk Service on phone 1-303-997-3139, use the web page form or chat live on https://www.asteriskservice.com/call-center-solutions.

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