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Ecosmob Announce Class 4 Softswitch Solution for Better Reliability and Stability

Added: (Thu Jan 10 2019)

Pressbox (Press Release) - Networks are evolving and class 4 softswitches too need to evolve and align with changing trends. Ecosmob leads the trend with its advanced, stable and inherently more reliable class 4 softswitch solution for carriers and VoIP service providers.

Ecosmob, global VoIP leaders, announced launch of modern class 4 softswitch in keeping with current VoIP technology trends.

Speaking on the occasion, the company’s VP said, “Class 4 softswitches replaced TDM and worked well for a long time. However, there are technological shifts in communication with emphasis on safety and reliability as well as a leaning towards multi-media subsystems that have necessitated a rework of the architecture.” The current iteration of VoIP class 4 softswitch incorporates IMS functionality while retaining strong core elements. Ecosmob team of technical experts has reworked the essentials such as access gateways, call control components and core switching to make the solution safe and reliable. Stability is another important aspect that has been addressed with modifications and improvements to meet challenges carriers and VoIP service providers face today and are likely to face in the future. Some elements of session border control have been grafted to assure topology hiding, media transcoding and other security features besides ease of use and call clarity.

A lot has changed in the background, stated the company’s VP. This is in preparation to meet the future need for voice networks to seamlessly integrate multimedia stream handling capabilities. One such instance of modification is moving the class 4 softswitch features to the application layer while it gains media gateway control features. Another development is the transition to the cloud voice platform to help the next generation communication service providers. This, in his view, would facilitate faster deployment, reduced costs and better controls. Ecosmob, he said, has prepared a roadmap for evolution of existing class 4 softswitches to meet emerging demands, reduce dependence on complex infrastructure and help its VoIP service provider and carrier clientele stay on top.

While addressing the technical aspects that contribute to a more reliable and stable network capable of handling thousands of concurrent calls, Ecosmob Class 4 Softswitch also gains in the monitoring, analytics and billing section. White labeling is easier than before and billing includes more variables to let carriers fine tune parameters and derive even more revenues. The cloud voice platform, said the VP, is the future and Ecosmob is fully geared to change and help its clients make the transition.

“Carriers and VoIP service provider clients who have trusted us can expect a constant stream of class 4 softswitch innovative developments from Ecosmob in the time to come. Our solutions will keep clients ahead of the competition.”

Interested carriers and VoIP service providers may get in touch with Ecosmob through chat on https://www.ecosmob.com, email sales@ecosmob.com or by phone 1-303-997-3139.

Submitted by:Ecosmob Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
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